Marcela Dávila López

    Marcela Davila
    Email: marcela dot davila at gu dot se
    Visiting address: Medicinareg. 5B, floor 1000
    Mailing address: Bioinformatics Core Facility
    The Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg
    Box 413, 405 30 Göteborg

    I'm the manager of the Bioinformatics Core Facility at the University of Gothenburg, where we provide researchers with statistical and bioinformatics consultation, data analysis and training.

    I'm also a Postdoc in Claes Gustafsson and Maria Falkenberg's groups at the Department of Medical Biochemistsry and Cell Biology, University of Gothenburg. Here I'm mainly involved in the development of bioinformatics platforms for the analysis of NGS data, besides other bioinformatics support to the group.
    Exome: We are identifying disease-causing genes in individuals with defects in the activity of one or more respiratory chain complexes.
    ChIP-Seq: We are identifying the binding pattern of mitochondrial proteins and the mediator complex
    RNA-seq: We are identifying expresssion levels and small RNAs that are involved somehow with the centromeric region of S. pombe

    During my PhD (under the supervision of Tore Samuelsson) at the Department of Medical Biochemistsry and Cell Biology, University of Gothenburg. I dealed with protein and non-coding RNA homologue identification of several ribonucleoprotein complexes as well as their phylogenetic analysis to understand their evolution. I also examined non-random gene order in a broad range of organisms in order to look at gene pair conservation as well as translational regulation. These data can be accessed through the Eukariotic Gene Order Browser (eGOB)

    I'm also a co-founder of the Gothenburg Bioinformatics Network (GOTBIN) which intends to bring together all Gothenburg researchers for whom bioinformatics is a part of their research.


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