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What do people say about this book?

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What people say about this book

What do people say about this book?

Without a doubt, this book has been one of the most inspiring and interesting books I've read on the subject. The author has been able to elegantly express broad and complex subjects in simple language without compromising the rigour Soroush Samadian, bioinformatics postdoc at Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Canada.
I am reading your book now and find it is very useful and inspiring. Difei Wang, Georgetown, Washington DC
From "Computing Reviews": ... "lively and accessible introduction to current research in the life sciences" ... "The writing is inspiring and engaging" (among many other positive comments, for full text see here) Sara Kalvala
From : I wanted to learn the basics of Perl in the context of bioinformatics/computational biochemistry but all the books I found were not what I was looking for. Although I do not work in genomics, I have been hooked by the way the author teaches Perl in this colourful book and chose to read it... I really enjoyed it! Moreover, it helped me to learn more about genomics and R which is a great bonus. I wish I could find similar books for python or C/C++... : Hector Cuesta rated this book: *****
The Biologist : "... Samuelsson has devised a well-structured, step-by-step approach. Each chapter deals with a different use of bioinformatics, ranging from human disease to gene technology, giving the reader up-to-the-minute information in bite-sized chunks. The topics show the interdisciplinary nature of bioinformatics and are introduced in a readable manner, so the novice is not swamped with detail." Dr Leighton Dann, UK. July 19, 2013: Nice update for any scientist who needs to review the new genomics tools. Use this a a desk reference to leverage new genomics tools. Relatively well written summary - starting point. Strongly recommended. Piotr Krasucki
"I really enjoyed your book!!! Learned a lot!!!" Christos Palaiokostas, UK.
"Your book is awesome! I wanted to learn the basics of perl but all the books I found were not what I was looking for. Although I do not work in genomics (I am working in the field of molecular modeling/molecular dynamics applied to enzymes), I have been hooked by the way you teach perl in your colorfull book and started to read it... and I am really enjoying it! Moreover, it helps me to learn more about genomics and R which are great bonuses. A I wish I could find a book like yours in python or C! So thanks a lot!" Eric Lang, NZ
"I would like to congratulate you with this beautiful book: very clear explanations and striking examples and exercises. You really have turned the learning of bioinformatics skills into a pleasant and joyful adventure!" Joost de Jong, Netherlands
"Excellent book!" Mathieu Lemaire, Yale.
From "As someone with a foot in both worlds (biology and programming) I found this book extremely helpful when starting in a new field of research (genomics). The topics covered here are interesting and relevant, and the literature cited is very current, making this book ideal for anyone starting study in this field. I also thought the approach to introducing Perl programming was excellent (by teaching it from an applied route) ... I have already recommended this book to my student" J. Rhodes, UK.
"...Congratulations to your very nice bioinformatics book! ... You really succeeded writing an easy-to-read, comprehensive book with interesting, relevant and exciting examples to be accompanied by very useful program examples. Exactly the book I've been looking for ..." Uwe Sauer, Umeå University, Sweden.
"You are a good writer!! The students will sure love this book." Stephan Schuster, Penn State University (after having read selected chapters)
"superb" Russell Doolittle, UCSC (on the chapter 12)
"...congratulations for having written an excellent book that is easy to read and understand and of invaluable help for genetic/genomic data analysis" Alexander Jüterbock, Norway
"I think that your book is an excellent attempt to combine interesting biological questions and hands-on programming" Sanghyuk Lee, Korea

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